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Migdale Chiropractic in Monterey, CA specializes in chiropractic care, sports massage therapy, and the Graston technique of scar tissue removal. A Monterey Peninsula local who has called the area home for decades, Dr. Roslyn Migdale offers natural relief from headaches, neck and back pain, wrist and elbow injuries, recurring ankle sprains, sports injuries and chronic pain stemming from automobile accident injuries. Dr. Migdale is one of the area’s foremost experts in treating persistent sports injuries with professional massage therapy, which can be done on a regular or as-needed basis.

Dr. Migdale is one of only a handful of Monterey chiropractic professionals on the Peninsula certified in the Graston technique of non-surgical scar tissue removal. This technique has revolutionized the way that people recover and rehabilitate from surgery, meaning that they are able to get back to their daily routines pain-free quicker than ever before.

Migdale Chiropractic offers a thorough approach to chiropractic care that includes a dedication to listening to the needs of the patient, as well as understanding the lifestyles of her patients, and helping them begin their journey to wellness.

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